SUNY Polytechnic Summer Science Camp

Magic of Harry Potter Junior

This camp is for the novice wizards - aged 6 to 8. These young students will experience many of the same magical spells of the "Magic of Harry Potter" camp, but geared towards a younger audience.

The "School of Wizardry" is in session!

All young wizards are invited to join us on a magical adventure. The faculty of Hogwarts will be instructing you on potions (inks, slime, and paints), building and launching of rockets, and many more fun activities - indoors and out.

All materials and equipment (wands, cauldrons and ingredients for your favorite wizard brew) are provided. Parents are reminded that young wizards should not bring their own wands or brooms to this camp!

This camp is at capacity.

Cost of this camp is $325 for one-week.